Convert Casual Customers Into Brand Enthusiasts! Marketing Services That Deliver Results

Many businesses feel that their marketing and communications efforts end at the cash register. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, the sale is the beginning of an opportunity to create an enduring and profitable relationship with your customer.

Find New Customers

Create and target engaging communications to turn prospects into clients

Build Better Relationships

Let's Be Direct LLC will recommend appropriate products and promotions relevant to your business and send them to clients at the right time.

Keep Clients Happy

Let's Be Direct LLC provides personalized messages and solutions using resources clients respond to most. Smoother interactions build trust and encourage repeat business.

Improve Customer Retention

We provide your clients with more satisfying promotions and service experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Let's Be Direct Can Help Your Organization


Evolve from a transaction-based mentality to one that focuses on nurturing sustainable and profitable relationships.

Increase Revenue

Our direct response customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing programs help identify your best clients, retain them, and grow their value.

Inform Your Customers

We develop educational and informative communications that speak directly to the consumer – enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing retention.

Maximize Exposure

We can integrate your marketing plan with an effective public relations and social media campaign to maximize exposure.

We help distinguish you from the competition and improve ROI while stretching your marketing budget further.

What We Do Our Services

Customer Loyalty Programs

Programs to cultivate long-term relationships with your existing customers

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Customer Prospecting

Attract new customers just like your current and best ones.

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E-mail Marketing

A low-cost communications tool that generates great results.

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Print Direct Mail Campaigns

Fill your target market’s mailbox with mail that makes an impact.

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Targeted Database Marketing

Promote your product through personalized communications.

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Public Relations

Maximize your exposure with an effective public relations campaign

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