E-Mail Campaigns

A Low-Cost Communications Tool That Generates Great Results

E-mail marketing allows you to electronically distribute information to a wide range of existing or potential customers at a reasonable cost. Unlike other media, e-mail allows you to easily track an exact return on investment and provides an almost instantaneous delivery time.

Yet despite its ease and ubiquity, e-mail marketing is fraught with challenges -- from the need to get the prospect's attention before they hit the delete button to alienating your audience with messages that are not appropriate in terms of content, offer, personalization or frequency.

Let's Be Direct LLC understands these challenges and consistently creates hard-hitting e-mails that look good, read well and provide results.

E-mail marketing allows you to quickly and affordably:

  • Enhance relationships with current or previous customers.
  • Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Acquire new customers or convince current customers to purchase something immediately.

Start a Customer E-mail Campaign Today!

Let’s Be Direct LLC will work with your existing database or develop a new one for you. We will then create, disseminate and track a full-fledged electronic direct marketing campaign. Add a print direct mail, social media or public relations initiative for extra exposure.

Why Choose Let’s Be Direct LLC?

The best part about working with Let’s Be Direct LLC is that we do all of the work for you! We can perform any or all of the following steps to ensure that your marketing campaign is completed with creativity and thoroughness…on schedule and within budget!

Persuasive Copywriting

Social Media Presence

Database Design & Management

Results-oriented E-mail Campaigns

Public Relations Writing, Research, & Distribution

Eye-catching Design

On-target List Rental

Static and Variable Data Direct Mail

Quality Printing

Campaign Effectiveness Analysis