Who we are  

"I started Let's Be Direct LLC for two distinct reasons. The first is that I saw how poorly small businesses were being treated by larger firms. Even though their budgets are smaller, these organizations deserve to have their voice heard just as much as those with seemingly-unlimited funds. Secondly, I was tired of seeing businesses waste their money on ineffective mass media advertising and marketing programs which do not produce measurable results. The targeted direct marketing programs that we plan provide low-cost, high-impact results," says Shapiro.

Suburban Philadelphia native Ilyse Shapiro is the founder of Let's Be Direct LLC. Shapiro started the firm to assist small- to medium-sized businesses who would not receive attention from big marketing and public relations agencies. Shapiro provides the same well-thought out and executed PR and direct marketing programs as the "big guys," but at a more affordable and accessible level.

Let's Be Direct LLC is located at the intersection of Shapiro's entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to help those whose voice is not being heard. She hears from disenfranchised business owners on a daily basis who are thrilled that she started the firm. "This is just what I've been looking for" is a sentiment commonly heard throughout the Let's Be Direct LLC office. Shapiro and her team are more than happy to help this deserving, and before now, underrepresented audience.

Ilyse Shapiro was recently named one of Pennsylvania's Top 50 Women in Business.